About Us

Welcome to Tiny Seeds Daycare! My name is Grazielle, and I am the proud owner and director of this wonderful childcare center. With a passion for working with children that spans over 22 years, I have had the privilege of helping families in Marin County raise their kids and provide them with a nurturing and enriching environment.


Experience and Expertise

I have dedicated my career to supporting children's growth and development from newborns to teenagers. Through my experience, I have witnessed the immense potential that lies within each child, and I am committed to unlocking that potential through a holistic and inspiring approach to education. My background includes certifications in First Aid, CPR, and early childhood education, ensuring that your child's safety and well-being are always a top priority at Tiny Seeds Daycare.

Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Philosophy

At Tiny Seeds Daycare, we believe in the power of combining Montessori and Waldorf educational philosophies to create a well-rounded learning experience. Our curriculum is project-based and developmental play-based, allowing children to explore and discover their interests and talents at their own pace. We provide an environment that fosters independence, creativity, and a love for learning, giving children the freedom to express themselves authentically.

A Personal Connection

Family is the heartbeat of Tiny Seeds Daycare. As a mother myself, I deeply understand the significance of finding a childcare center that truly feels like an extension of your own family. My husband, Griffin, shares my unwavering dedication to education as a devoted teacher. Together, we have been blessed with a delightful 4-year-old daughter named Colette. Our little family is completed by our beloved toy poodle, named Chloé, a friendly and lovable companion who weighs in at a mere 7 pounds. Not only is our hypoallergenic furry friend a source of joy and happiness for our family, but they also bring boundless smiles and laughter to the children in our care at the daycare.

Nurturing Environment

At Tiny Seeds Daycare, we have created a warm and nurturing environment where children feel safe, supported, and encouraged to explore their world. We have carefully designed our daycare space to provide engaging learning areas, cozy reading corners, and natural elements that foster a sense of wonder and curiosity. We are deeply passionate about working with children and we believe that building strong relationships with our young learners and their families is essential for creating a positive and impactful early childhood experience.

Join the Tiny Seeds Family

We invite you to become a part of the Tiny Seeds family and embark on a remarkable journey of growth and discovery for your child. Schedule a visit to our daycare center, meet our caring team, and experience firsthand the nurturing and inspiring environment we have created. We look forward to partnering with you in raising happy, confident, and resilient young minds at Tiny Seeds Daycare.